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We've Gone Nuts!

Times are different these days and many of us are looking for ways to maintain our sanity (and businesses). We have partnered with Mr. Saguaro Brands (delicious and addicting) smoked nuts. Our part is of course imaging the boxes but since we are heavily connected to the promo products world, I thought I would try to them help out with some exposure as this definitely makes for a great gift and branding opportunity.

You can buy 1 or 2 for yourself as family or friend gifts or sell to your corporate accounts in bulk at a discount.

You can select from cashews, hazelnuts, and/or pistachios, and 6 different flavors and heats. (Contact me for details). We are here to help you with the custom branding part if you have a custom corporate branding opportunity. The boxes themselves become hard to throw away and stay around to be used for other things. Shoot me an email or call for more info and pricing. Call 801-364-7246 or email me at


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