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New 2020 Sales Booklet...

First off, Happy Birthday to my father who turned 86 today. Without him and his support and his life example of honesty, integrity, dependability and old school belief in dedication to hard work, I would not be where I am today. Love you dad.

I spent the winter putting together a brand new sales booklet. As a truly unique technique, it has long been challenging for folks to wrap their brain around why, which in turn, makes it a little difficult to sell. So I designed this booklet to help with that. It is full of photos, job examples, overview of color way (exploiting the 'dye-like' aspect of the technique), usage and carefully crafted verbiage to adopt. Contact us if you would like to receive one. Just need a mailing address.

The booklet is intended to be a hard copy extension of the introductory video (which is accessible on our home page) and is also a very strong sales tool and of course, can be sent digitally. Here is a direct link you can copy and send to prospects to introduce the concept without bringing them to the website.


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