Stain Imaging featured in ASI article

Theresa Hegel at ASI Central, posted this article today about the returning trend in fashion to bold, all over patterns and design. We had a good conversation a while back and she made this connection to what we have to offer with our unique technique. Especially considering the time and cost-friendliness coupled with the ability to use readily available t-shirt and basic jersey knit products from any distributor, Stain Imaging is attractive for creating elegant pieces with high perceived value. (See PORTFOLIO )

I am excited to see this trend and support from the outside fashion and upper end apparel as I have felt for over 20 years that this is an untapped application of Stain Imaging with huge potential.

See our GENERIC page for a gallery of stock patterns, themes and visual textures that can be applied in your desired color way.

ASI article featuring Stain Imaging

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