"20+ years in the making,

Stain Imaging has become a legitimate, alternative decorating technique that has carved itself a niche within the ever

evolving decorating industry"


What exactly is Stain Imaging?







Stain Imaging, is a monochromatic image based, wash-like / dye-like all over printing alternative to traditional allover decorating methods such as belt screen printing, jumbo screen print, DTG (direct to garment), full body sublimation, and even cut-and-sew t-shirts.  

Stain Imaging is a wholly unique resource for transforming basic cotton tees into fully customized substrates.  Finished garments are soft and can be screen printed right on top, receive heat press, and even DTG.


The technique is quite eco-friendly, not requiring the use of PVC based medium (plastisol), Phthalates, acetones for clean up, or other harsh chemicals and do not contribute to the problematic manufacturing of dioxins.



As the uniqueness of the techniques can benefit a variety of markets and applications, our desire is to establish solid working relationships with good folks servicing niches of all kinds.  For our alliance partners, these 'contract' relationships serve to control cost and quality of the goods, build greater market share, maximize profitability, and reduce costs which all contribute to result.

We believe that working this way benefits a greater number of markets and allows us to focus on what we do best as well as continue to work diligently to develop unique and innovative decorating ideas.

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